Apply to become one of our 2018/19 1L Delegates!

Each year BESLS selects several outstanding 1Ls at Brooklyn Law School to participate on the Executive Board as 1L Delegates. 

This is a position that provides the student a phenomenal opportunity to not only participate in all of BESLS events throughout the year, but also show the current Executive Board their dedication to the organization, which can help you get more involved as an upperclassmen. The biggest role you will play is as liaison between your 1L classmates and the Executive Board. The dates of things like possible midterms, your memo and brief due dates, and other 1L specific assignments and schedules are unknown to us as upperclassmen.  Therefore, when planning events we rely on our 1L Delegates to interject and say things like “Sorry guys, but a panel event on Wednesday evening won’t work because our memo is due on Thursday morning.”  

We know how tough of a transition you are going through and want to do our best to assist you, rather than hinder you. While we hope the 1L Delegates will endeavor to attend all of our events and assist in set up and clean up, we know that is an impossible request. We ask only that you try your best to attend them all, and let us know ASAP when that is an impossibility, such as a class conflict. ***We also ask each of our 1L Delegates to write up a blog post  for our BESLS Website. We know that everyone is on a tight schedule, but all that is needed is a 250 word post,  on a topic(s) applicable to the organization. Please see: "Write for BESLS" page, for details. This is a position that is meant to help all of us create a better organization and we can't wait to work with you!

Please fill out the submission form below to submit your 1L Delegate application. If you have any questions or issues with the application form, please email us at

The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday, September 26 at 5:00PM.


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Please provides us with a paragraph or two about your previous leadership experience while also letting us know why you want this position. We are also interested in your ideas about how you might publicize our events and if you are comfortable standing up in front of your fellow 1L classmates in various classes to announce our events. No previous experience in entertainment or sports law is required, but it is helpful to know about.